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Welcome to Jabbour Law 

Your trusted source for Estate Planning and Business Law Services in Livonia, Michigan and serving Metro Detroit.

Whether you need a meticulously crafted estate plan to safeguard your loved ones, require guidance structuring your startup business, or seek adept legal counsel for your business affairs, our seasoned attorneys at Jabbour Law are here to help. 

Business Law &
Estate Planning Attorney

Step into a world where your legal affairs are handled with utmost precision and personalized care at Jabbour Law. Our seasoned ensemble of attorneys excel in navigating the intricate realms of Estate Planning and Business Law in Michigan, ensuring your journey through legal corridors is smooth and rewarding. Whether safeguarding cherished legacies, forming a startup business, or steering corporate vessels through legal tempests, we are your steadfast companions. Our expertise is your armor, our dedication is your assurance.


Let's sculpt a secure and thriving legal landscape for you, your family, and your enterprise. Your trust is our badge of honor; your satisfaction, our ultimate triumph. Embark on a legal voyage with us, where every query meets clarity, every challenge meets a solution, and every client meets success.

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What Makes Jabbour Law Different
The Best Estate Planning and Business Law Firm 

Jabbour Law stands out by blending expert legal advice and real-world experience with personalized service tailored to meet each client's unique needs. Our commitment to clear communication ensures clients are informed and confident throughout the process. Additionally, we offer the flexibility of virtual or in-person consultations and a free 1-hour initial consultation to all prospective clients, showcasing our dedication to accessible, client-focused legal support.

 Estate Planning and Business Law Experts in Michigan

At Jabbour Law, we deliver innovative legal advice, emphasize transparent communication, and craft tailored solutions to ensure our clients' utmost satisfaction. Click below to browse our industry-leading legal services.

Jabbour Law was kind, professional, and knowledgeable. They drafted an estate plan for me and helped guide me through starting a business. I definitely recommend them for all your business and estate planning needs.

Malik A.

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